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Looking for the best jet ski lift or small boat lift? You've found the BEST! The Patented Up-N-OverŪ is the premier PWC lift. This lift offers standard features not available anywhere else. The Up-N-OverŪ does just what the name says; Lifts your small craft up and out of the water and over the dock.

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The Up-N-OverŪ is built with all stainless steel and aluminum construction and features both a custom-designed and manufactured heavy-duty mast, as well as custom made aluminum bunks. The sleek white powder coat finish adds to the appearance of your dock and allows for easy cleaning. We also added refinements such as custom made end-caps for all aluminum bunks, cradle arms, and pipes.

To place your order today, please call! 318-987-3000

Most important of all, the Up-N-OverŪ PWC lifts are ready to do everything you require. You can raise, lower, and rotate 180° and then lock into place for service. These lifts offer an impressive combination of performance, reliability, ease of operation and installation, and the type of refinement only found in a professionally engineered product. Boat Lift U.S. Inc.Ū's masts are completely un-submerged, keeping your lift clean and looking new as well as allowing for years of trouble free operation.
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