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Our Boathouse lifts and their standard features easy reference guide.


3,500 lb lifts 4,500 lb lifts 6,500 lb lifts 7,500 lb lifts 8,500 lb lifts
3/4 HP MOTOR        
1 HP MOTOR        
1 & 1/2 HP MOTOR      
2 Heavy Duty Single Pipe Supports (except for steel mount lifts and pipe on side)    
2 Dual Pipe Supports (pipe in center, pipe on side and all Steel Mount lifts)      
Greasable 1.5 Ton 3" Ball Bearing Blocks (NO BUSHINGS)    
Greasable 3 Ton 4" Ball Bearing Blocks (NO BUSHINGS)      
1/4" Cable, Clamps and Thimbles      
5/16" Cable, Clamps and Thimbles    
8,000lb Cradle with 5" I-beams  
12,000lb Cradle with 6" I-beams        
2 Foot per minute lift speed
Straight line pull (No Compounding)
Lifetime warranty on gear plate
16 ft Control Cable with Switch and GFCI protection
Standard 110 volt with 220 volt optional