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More lift option than ever for 2023!
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Our Boathouse lifts and their standard features easy reference guide.


3,500 lb lifts 4,500 lb lifts 6,500 lb lifts 7,000 lb lifts 7,500 lb lifts 8,500 lb lifts
3/4 HP MOTOR          
1 HP MOTOR          
1 & 1/2 HP MOTOR      
2 Heavy Duty Single Pipe Supports (except for steel mount lifts and pipe on side)      
2 Dual Pipe Supports (pipe in center, pipe on side and all Steel Mount lifts)      
Greasable 1.5 Ton 3" Ball Bearing Blocks (NO BUSHINGS)      
Greasable 3 Ton 4" Ball Bearing Blocks (NO BUSHINGS)      
1/4" Cable, Drop Forged Clamps and Thimbles        
5/16" Cable, Drop Forged Clamps and Thimbles    
8,000lb Cradle with 5" I-beams  
12,000lb Cradle with 6" I-beams          
2 Foot per minute lift speed Up to 40% Faster
Straight line pull (No Compounding)
Lifetime warranty on gear plate  
16 ft Control Cable with Switch and GFCI protection
Standard 110 volt with 220 volt optional