BH-65, BH-45 and BH-35 Straight Line Hoists
Unit is shown with the optional aluminum back plate and stainless steel motor.

The BH-65, BH-45 and BH-35 hoists come standard with a powder coated back plate, aluminum block housing for the worm and shaft that encloses the worm and stops deflection, TENV motor wired for 110 volt operation, and Boat Hoist USA's heavy duty cast aluminum pulleys. A GFCI and a maintain switch with 16 feet of cable are also included. Both units feature a steel Worm Gear with a bronze Worm. Like all Boat Hoist USA boat hoists, these units have no steel-on-steel working parts.

The BH-65 has a 1 HP HEAVY motor and is capable of 6,500 lbs. of straight lifting power. BH-45 has a 1 HP motor and is capable of 4,500 lbs. of straight lifting power. The BH-35 has a 3/4 h.p. motor for a 3,500 lbs. lifting capacity.

Available Upgrades:

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